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Latest Blog Posts

Don’t Even Consider Homemade Vape Juice

Why do people vape? Well, the answer may vary. Some vape because it allows them to enjoy various types of vape juice and flavors on a daily basis. There are others who enjoy vaping because they find it satisfying. Still, others prefer using it because it is what is hip and new today when it comes to enjoying tobacco without doing any harm by smoke. Most of all people vape because it is safer and healthier than smoking.

Really, vapes are safer and healthier than smoking. We have mentioned it a lot of times already. Vaping heats the vape juice only and not burns. The absence of combustion leads to no production of smoke, tar and the harmful by products herbs have when they are burned. Without them, many medical ailments like several types of respiratory diseases, cancer and heart diseases are avoided.

The problem with vapes is that some of them are very expensive. Because of this particular detail, many people would opt to make their own homemade vape juice. But the question is, is it alright to use a homemade vape juice? Is it safe? Will it deliver the same satisfaction as using the commercially produced vape juice sold today?

If you are thinking of making homemade vape juice, then we suggest you don’t. Even if you follow a guide on how to make one, making your own DIY vape juice is a tricky thing. Most important thing of all, improperly made vape juice can be dangerous. If you want to switch to vaping because you want to enjoy nicotine in a healthier and safer manner, making your own vape juice defeats this purpose.

Why is it not healthier and safer than vape juice? Well, this is due to the simple fact that homemade vape juice may contain too much nicotine or unintended contaminants. The e-liquid you use may end up burning up because the coil became too hot. If the vape juice get burnt, then it will release all the harmful by products you wanted to avoid in the first place. Unlike most devices sold on the market, homemade mods have no temperature control features, which makes sure that your e-liquid would not be overheated to the point of burning.

If you want to have a vaporizer, then do yourself a favor and don’t make or use a homemade vaporizer. You should buy them instead. Not every vaporizer on the market is expensive, there are still affordable ones that deliver great vaping experience.

The second most important is Vape juice and what is the ratio of PG vs VG in that juice. If you select the wrong ratio for your vaping setup, you may not access the pleasurable vaping experience that you want. Be sure to read all printed materials which come with your vaporizer before you decide which e-juices to order online. The ideal recommended vape juice is available at Eliquid Depot.

What is PG and VG

Propylene Glycol is known as PG for short and it’s a by-product of petroleum. It’s scentless and colorless and it doesn’t have as high a level of viscosity as VG. PG is all about providing vaping enthusiasts with superior throat hit. It’s also known to be a better carrier for flavoring then VG. PG is considered safe for inhalation.

However, too much PG may irritate your throat.

Facts About Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

VG is a chemical which is all-natural. It’s made from veggie oil! This means that it’s ok for vegetarians. It provides great density in e-juices, so it’s often utilized in order to give vaping fans a thick sensation. It’s got a bit of a sweet taste to it and works best for vaping with sub-ohm devices. Usually, flavorings are found in PG, rather than VG. However, more manufacturers are offering VG alternatives these days, because a lot of people want VG only.

The typical ratio of the PG and VG is 80/20, 70/30, 50/50 and 60/40. The best way to find what’s right for you is to refer to recommendations. If these recommendations aren’t there, a 50/50 blend might be the right option to start with. Trying each ratio will be the only surefire way to know what’s best for you.